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Monday-Friday 3.80%
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Deposit term 60 days
Minimum withdrawal:
0.001BTC / 0.1LTC / 0.1 USD / 1 RUB
Minimum deposit:
0.01BTC / 1LTC / 5 USD / 300 RUB
Primary deposit is included in accruals
Deposit interest: %
Deposit term: days
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Minimum deposit:
Ridex Limited
Deposit interest: %
Minimum withdrawal:
Deposit term:
Minimum deposit:
Deposit term: 60 days
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Attractive rates

Our rates are particularly advantageous because of a short investment cycle. Everybody can participate in the project due to the minimum threshold of entry. We achieved this with a completely automated deposit creation and interest accrual process. Withdrawal is also fully automated and does not require confirmation by the operator.

User-friendly functionality

System developers regularly make structural improvements that allow the resource to be even more efficient and, most important, user-friendly.

Tamper-proof system

This website is thoroughly protected against hacking attacks, which increases the confidence level of our customers. For us, the issue of safety and reliability of the platform is very important, which is why we use the most effective data encryption methods, as well as a dedicated server protected against DDoS attacks. Experts of the company are committed to the protection of customer data, so the data are effectively protected by advanced security protocols.

Minimum risk

We managed to eliminate a number of shortcomings increasing the risk of loss of funds, as well as specific problems that can reduce your income. The main advantage of the Ridex platform is a high level of reliability. The best evidence is huge positive feedback from our customers. And, of course, safety is the foundation of any investment platform.

Support 24

We monitor comments about us and our website and consider wishes and complaints of our customers. If you find any problem, please contact the resource expert using the form of technical support or by phone or e-mail. We will solve any of your problems at any time any day of the week.

Strong team

The Ridex team is a team of experienced professionals in the field of currency trading. Each of us is an expert responsible for his own part of the process. This results in the effective and coordinated work.


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Natonavk 11.0000 USD BATCH: 150965143
LUDDA 20.0000 USD BATCH: 249234580
mia130284 40.0000 USD BATCH: 249232606

Ridex is a one-of-a-kind fully automated platform for anyone who wants to easily start making money online.

On the home page, you can use the calculator to calculate the return on invested funds and term of your deposit. In your personal cabinet, we provide you with all convenient tools for further work. A logic interface is intuitive and fully debugged. Personal profile is your workplace. To log in, go through a simple sign up procedure on the website using a special form on the home page.

Recommendation: to securely protect access to your profile, create a case-sensitive password (not only for letters and digits, but also for delimiters); store it on a removable USB drive with eToken protection.

Our company is interested in the increase of working capital, so we provide support for each new participant. It takes quite a bit of time to study the features of our website to make a lot of money. To get started quickly, we provide each member of our platform with a customer support.

We will help you learn the fundamental basics of making money online to start getting profits soon.

Payeer payment system connected

We have added PAYEER for the convenience of settlements (rubles, dollars ). In the near future, we will add other popular payment services. Thank you for choosing us.

Sincerely, RIDEX project team.

Entered the Spanish market

By switching the site to Spanish, you can get your friends from the third part of the world, including South and Latin America, participate in the project.

Sincerely, RIDEX project team.